Brenda Leifso is a full-service editor and writer in Kingston, ON, Canada with a wide range of experience from web copy to human interest stories to literary works.

She holds an MA in English, an MFA in Writing, a BA with a double major in History and Writing, and a BA in English. She's acquired over a decade of experience substantively and copy-editing literary and trade books, literary journals, government and academic publications, and web-based texts and publications for non-profits. She's also served as managing editor, run major social media campaigns, and project- managed website development.

Brenda is a poet with publications in journals and anthologies across Canada. She's published three collections of poetry, Daughters of Men (Brick Books, 2008), Barren the Fury (Pedlar Press, 2015), and Wild Madder (Bricks Books, 2019). For monthly emails of poems and inspirations, sign up to receive her TinyLetter.

As a breath- and mindfulness-based yoga teacher, Brenda runs her own yoga studio (brendaleifsoyoga.com). Inspired by yoga and the reciprocal natural world, she also teaches writing workshops.