Barren the Fury

What would happen if, instead of entering a world in which they are never really considered human, girls made a choice to abandon us? A response to the hopelessness of being female, Barren the Fury turns salvation myths into destruction narratives, hopelessness into rage, acquiescence into violence. Ultimately, the poems question our responses to underlying power structures - do we close the curtains and latch the door?

daughters of men

Brenda Leifso's first volume of poetry is a stunning debut: haunting, disturbing but resolutely beautiful. With an unflinching eye, Leifso explores the uncertainty of memory, the legacy of place, the powerful dynamics of sexuality and secrecy, and the violence inherent in family relations. Her central section, "The Theban Women," is a multi-voiced re-imagining of Euripides"s The Bacchae; this drama in verse gives voice to women long silent, and together with Leifso's more personal poems, it forms a book of exceptional power from a poet whose voice is as honest as it is beautiful.